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Choosing to invest in new carpets is a fairly big decision, as it’s likely you’ll be using them for a long period of time to come. So how do you know that it’s time to invest in new carpets for your Bexley property? That’s the question that this final blog in our initial run looks to tackle. But if you’ve already decided that it’s time for a change, why not give us a call to discuss your needs and our product catalogue? You can reach Dartford-based Steve’s Carpets on 01322 387 515.

Common Signs It’s Time for New Carpets

Serious Wear – Over time, even the most durable of carpets begin to show their age and the stresses they’ve endured over the years! If you’ve started to notice your carpets seem worn out, it might be worth considering their replacement. After all, worn carpets can really make a property feel old or uncared for – even when this is far from the case! Common areas of a property that suffer from wear faster than others include hallways, doorways and stairs.

However, your first option should be looking to thoroughly hoover and clean carpets to see if these measures breathe some new life into them. If this isn’t working – why not pay us a visit or give us a call? When looking to source new carpets, many Bexley residents choose us over competing flooring specialists due to our handy position in nearby Dartford, our impressive experience (over three decades in the industry), our wide range of quality carpets from leading manufacturers and in-house installation service. We’re the full package.

Stubborn Stains – Heavy and deep-set stains that refuse to be banished by cleaning products, home-made solutions passed down through the family, or even the attention of professional cleaners, can only be ignored for so long. In some cases, Bexley residents find that covering them up with rugs or furniture is a long-term solution they can live with. In other cases, this simply isn’t possible due to the extent, size or positioning of the stains.

Investing in brand new carpets, and if living in a household where stains are simply part of everyday reality (e.g when living with messy children or animals), investing in stain-resistant carpets may be the right option. Another option is choosing darker carpets, which are often better at hiding stains than their lighter cousins.

Nasty Smells & Allergy Flares – Some carpets, even when regularly and carefully cleaned, simply retain a musty smell. This is usually caused by dirt getting trapped within the carpet over time. One way of trying to banish nasty smells is sprinkling a carpet with baking soda then vacuuming it (after it sits for a few hours). Many Bexley homeowners have found success with this method. But if it’s no use and the smell persists, it may be time to bring in some new carpets for your sanity’s sake!

For the same reason – dirt and allergens getting stuck deep within carpets – you may need to replace them if you’ve noticed that you’ve been getting allergy symptoms at odd times of the year. Sneezing, watering eyes and headaches can bring you to a shuddering halt, and call for immediate attention. Some carpet styles sold at our showroom near Bexley are better for allergy suffers than others, so let us know if this is a concern so we can narrow down our catalogue.

Way Out of Style – One of the most common reasons our Bexley customers come to us searching for new carpets is they simply no longer like how their existing carpets look. Styles change, and innovative new products are constantly being developed and manufactured to ensure that those with an eye for the cutting edge have a selection of carpets at their disposal. Other carpets have a more timeless aesthetic, and which you opt for will depend on your unique aesthetic taste.

We have carpets in all sorts of different colours and styles, ensuring you can overhaul your home and match them with other aspects of your interior design, creating a consistent and unified finish that brings wow factor and adds to the value of your Bexley property.

To discuss how our amazing carpets can completely overhaul your home or commercial premises in Bexley, call Steve’s Carpets at your earliest convenience on 01322 387 515.