Subfloor Preparation | Steve’s Carpets

It doesn’t matter how carefully you pick out, or how much you spend on carpets, vinyl flooring and laminates if your subfloor hasn’t been properly prepared. In addition to leading to bumps and irregularities, an inadequate subfloor can cause premature wear and tear, or even the total failure of new carpets and flooring. This can make for all sorts of additional, unforeseen costs.

Luckily, Steve’s Carpets in Dartford offers a subfloor preparation service to ensure any product that is installed will last for a long time without any annoying issues emerging. Our approach to subfloor preparation is tailored to you, specifically: your environment, and the type of flooring that’s going to be fitted.

How We Prepare a Subfloor…

Underlay – There are a number of different underlays we might opt for. Each acts as a middle cushion layer between subfloor and the floor itself. Slotted and glued underlays are a good option for laminates, offering impressive sound proofing and thermal properties. Then there’s sticky backed and standard underlays, and ones designed specifically to enhance under floor heating systems.

Scarifying – This is the mechanical preparation of the surface, and helps level a floor so it’s totally even before new products are implemented. It’ll leave us with a clean surface, ready for fitting.

Diamond Grinding – If our team needs to remove high spots or uneven joints, we can use grinding machines. This technique also allows us to remove sealers, adhesives and paints.

Smoothing – Another vital tool for subfloor preparation is the application of a chemical mixture that can smooth uneven concrete surfaces. Steps must be taken to ensure the surface is totally free of dust and debris before proceeding.

Moisture Testing – Concrete subfloors should be checked for moisture with a testing kit before a floor is applied. Steps will need to be taken if the moisture level is found to be in excess of the level recommended by a particular product’s manufacturer.

Damp-Proof Membranes – Perhaps the simplest way to deal with excess moisture is to fit a damp proof membrane. These can supress moisture levels and give your floor a better chance of lasting for a long, long time into the future.

For professional subfloor preparation, call in Steve’s Carpets in Dartford. You can reach us on 01322 387 515.