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If carpets aren’t your thing, or simply wouldn’t work in the space you’re looking to fit out, consider our range of luxury vinyl flooring products. Hardwearing, low maintenance, versatile and available in all sorts of different colours and designs, you’re sure to find something that will help elevate the interior of a Kent or Medway property when you visit our Dartford showroom, just a short drive from locales including Bexley, Bexleyheath, Longfield and Sidcup.

We have an impressive range of luxury vinyl flooring tiles (LVT) sourced from some of the industry’s leading manufacturers, including Karndean, Brampton Chase and Amtico flooring products. On this page, we’ve looked to provide some information on the different collections each of these manufacturers is celebrated for. Struggling to make a decision? Call our friendly team at your earliest convenience for bespoke advice, and we’ll help you find the perfect match.

Amtico Collections

Spacia – Hardwearing, with a 0.55mm wear layer that can put up with the stresses of everyday use in even the busiest of Kent and Medway homes, and as such proves popular amongst our Dartford, Bexley, Longfield, Bexleyheath and Sidcup based clients. Spacia products are broken up into different categories, each of which provides a unique aesthetic: Wood, Parquet, Stone and Abstract.

Form – Featuring a 0.7mm wear level for an impressive level of durability and a long lifespan, the Form collection sees Amtico offer up a range of incredibly convincing natural material emulations, which are more affordable and easier to maintain. Amtico’s Form products are available in Wood and Parquet varieties.

The Signature Collection – Amtico’s much lauded premium collection features 1.0mm wear layers, and offers unrivalled choice with 218 products and 19 signature laying patterns to choose from. Whatever you’re trying to communicate within your home or place of work, Amtico’s Signature Collection products, available in all sorts of colours and textures, will let you express yourself.

Karndean Ranges

With so many ranges to choose from, you might feel slightly overwhelmed when first trying to locate the right Karndean flooring product for your home. But the Steve’s Carpet team is intimately knowledgeable when it comes to Karndean flooring, and loves nothing more than providing advice and assisting Dartford, Bexley, Longfield, Bexleyheath and Sidcup clients in finding the floor of their dreams! So simply pop into see us, or give us a call on 01322 387 515.

  • Karndean’s Art Select range features flooring products that emulate natural stone, softwoods/hardwoods. They do so effectively, and are incredibly realistic.
  • A premium range, the Da Vinci collection features smooth, narrow wood plans with bevelled edges, as well as a number of traditional tiles that mimic ceramic and stone.
  • Ever popular amongst our Dartford, Bexley, Gravesend, Longfield and Swanscombe clients, the Opus range is stylish and modern, featuring flooring products in many shades of grey, conjuring up sleek and minimal concrete surfaces via large format tiles/planks.
  • The Knight Tile range is made up of a wide range of borders and strips which can complement wood and stone designs. If you wish to really put your stamp on your interiors, definitely give it a browse.
  • Another way of customising your flooring is via the Kaleidoscope range of flooring. Distinctly bespoke, these products have been formed through combining other, original Karndean products. So they keep all the functional characteristics that make Karndean so versatile, while pushing the boat out aesthetically.
  • For clients with an eye for classic, traditional floors – the likes of which you might see in Victorian townhouses – the Heritage Collection will be a welcoming sight. Made up of eye-catching, monochrome boards and tiles, and carefully blended heritage patterns, these products can help you bring elegance and a sense of history into your home or place of work.

Karndean Formats Explained

There are three different fixing styles available when you choose Karndean flooring for your Dartford, Bexley, Longfield, Bexleyheath or Sidcup property.

Gluedown – Looking to customize your floor by utilising different design strips, borders, and laying patterns? Gluedown is for you. You will require a perfectly even and dry subfloor, however – so keep this firmly in mind.

Loose Lay – Attractive for its quick and easy installation and acoustic benefits, this type of flooring is exactly as it sounds; it avoids adhesives and is carefully fitted to lay over the subfloor.

Rigid Core – Due to their thickness, these products will be able to fit over existing hard floors, as well as uneven or damp subfloors. Another advantage is added noise insulation, reducing sound travelling in and out of the room it’s featured in.

Brampton Chase

An independent company from the heart of Great Britain, Brampton Chase develop high-performance floors that can last a lifetime. Delicately balancing style and function, these are stunning vinyl flooring products that are waterproof, exceptionally durable, low maintenance and compatible with under floor heating systems.

Add all this up and you can see why at Steve’s Carpets, we’re so proud to complement our catalogue of Karndean and Amtico Flooring products with something equally formidable – Brampton Chase LVT. As with all the best luxury vinyl products, expect the realistic emulation of natural materials like wood and stone, without the price tag and maintenance.

Some of their most popular products, which are perennial favourites amongst our clients in and around Dartford, Bexley, Longfield, Bexleyheath, Sidcup and all other Kent and Medway locales, include:

The Classics Collection – Oak look LVT in such looks as Arctic Grey, Distressed, Farmhouse, Limed, Manor, Silver and Royal. These are chock full of authentic character and charm.

The Woodlands Collection – Popular vinyl flooring products making up the Woodlands Collection, inspired by Britain’s stunning forests and national parks, include the Winterfold, Brecon, Stowe, Darwin, Arden and Ashby tiles.

The Stones Collection – As the name suggests, capture a realistic stone look with designs inspired by the spirit of adventure. Best sellers include the Dorset, Limestone, Santorini, Henge, Cotswold and Canyon products.

The Ultracore Collection – Fairly described as the ultimate rigid flooring system, these products score high marks across the board, and are a luxury product that can instantly elevate an interior. Best sellers include their Natural and Traditional Oak boards, as well as their Colorado, Banff, Ranch and Alaskan Lodge products.

Why Choose LVT for Your Property?

Aesthetic – For some residents of Dartford, Bexley, Longfield, Bexleyheath and Sidcup, there’s simply no beating natural materials; they can spot the difference and don’t want to settle for anything other than “the real deal”. But the aesthetic of luxury vinyl flooring is very similar to natural materials – and for many, the two are indiscernible.

Stylistic Versatility – Natural materials aren’t particularly customisable, and their specific profile can be somewhat inconsistent due to natural variances in grain or colour; this isn’t the case with Karndean and Amtico flooring, which is both highly customisable and formally consistent. Clients who want to get creative with their flooring patterns, colours and styles typically prefer the customisation that synthetic materials like LVT can offer.

Warmth – LVT flooring is warmer to the touch than real wood and stone; so if you’re anywhere in Kent or Medway and want something comfortable to walk around on whether bare foot or in your socks, then these products are a great option.

Functionality – Natural materials like wood aren’t suited to bathrooms and kitchens, as the moisture in the air can lead to warping; on top of this, spillages can easily stain the surface of the floor. LVT, with its glossy and protective surface, can avoid these eventualities.

In Kent or Medway and interested in incorporating the luxury vinyl products detailed on this page within your home? Contact Steve’s Carpets in Dartford on 01322 387 515.