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It’s an exciting time when you decide you’re ready for brand new carpets in your Gravesend home. When you do, contact Steve’s Carpets in Dartford, a nearby specialist with a vast range of quality modern carpets. Our veteran team also install said carpets, ensuring they are perfectly integrated and look their very best. But today’s blog isn’t about selecting carpets, nor is it about their installation… it’s about keeping them in tip top condition for many years to come.

For even the highest quality of carpets, installed by bona fide specialists such as the Steve’s Carpets team, can be quickly ruined if used completely recklessly. So we urge our Gravesend clients to read on and learn about the proactive measures you can take to ensure carpets aren’t written off before their time!

Protecting Your Carpets – How to be Proactive

Shoe’s Off – In many cultures, it’s a sign of respect to take off shoes before entering a home. In others, the exact opposite is true! But on a purely pragmatic level, taking off shoes is a great idea if your home is fitted out with carpets. Even the most seemingly clean of trainers can carry in dirt and pollutants which negatively impact carpets. When inviting friends, family or visitors into your home, don’t be afraid to lay down the law. It will help keep your carpets clean, and also improve home hygiene. There are very few in Gravesend who wouldn’t understand and oblige with the request!

Vacuum Routinely – You may think your carpets are perfectly clean, but sometimes dirt and dust can sneak its way deep within carpets, well away from the naked eye. That’s why we urge Gravesend residents to hoover their carpets at least twice a week. It can make a significant difference over an extended period of time, and ensure carpets exceed their average lifespan.

Invest in Protection – There are numerous protective sprays on the market, which profess to be able to provide an extra line of defence. Which will suit your carpets depends on the type (material, style) and colour of the carpets present in your Gravesend home; you certainly don’t want to invest in a spray that will darken or otherwise alter the appearance of your carpets. So call us for advice, or test the spray on a very small section of carpet to ensure no discernable difference can be found.

Don’t Fear Professionals – Professional carpet cleaners are often seen as a final option: the nuclear button. But the skill of professional carpet cleaner shouldn’t be reserved for emergency stain removal and end of tenancy blitzing. If you have spent a good deal of money on your carpets and you want to ensure they really go the distance, consider calling in professional carpet cleaners in routinely, at least once every year. Some of the case studies we’ve seen from Gravesend carpet cleaners are staggering; their results speak for themselves! And not only will they look better, they’ll be all the healthier and more hygienic…

In Gravesend and considering replacing your carpets? Call the Steve’s Carpets team today on 01322 387 515. Our range is expansive, and priced competitively.