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You may have heard it said that carpets and pets do not mix in any circumstances. However, this is far from true! Yes, there are some extra concerns that pet owners around Longfield need to take into consideration when hunting for carpets, but the two can be fine bedfellows. At Steve’s Carpets in Dartford, our job is to help find the perfect product for the individual customer in contact with us. This involves getting an idea of their particular circumstances, such as having a bona fide menagerie at home! To assist both our Longfield customer base, and those on the net who’ve found us while searching for a reputable authority on the subject, we’ve published this blog on what pet owners should keep in mind when hunting for new carpets.

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Pets and Carpets - What You Should Know

First things first, not all pets are alike. If you have a young puppy, bunny or kitten yet to be house trained, then stain resistance is a vital trait your carpets need to have. The same goes if you have an older animal who is prone to losing control of their bladder from time to time. Age isn’t the only factor that influences carpet choice, you should be thinking about your furry friend’s nature and the durability of the carpets you opt for. While a placid lap dog or cat who would rather long snoozes than a high-energy play session may gel well with soft and sumptuous carpets, more playful cats and dogs who are prone to the odd zoom about the house may damage such products. Luckily, we supply and install plenty of hard-wearing carpets that can put up with even the most restless of paws!

It’s also vital to find carpets without long loops that can trap claws and lead to nasty accidents or carpet damage. Twist carpets are one example that will do the job. The colour and pattern of carpets can also help hide things like shed hair, so that it’s less obvious and you can vacuum it up at your own leisure, guilt-free. Consider your pet’s hair/fur colour, and opt for something similar.

But with all these considerations, you might be thinking: “why not just bite the bullet and opt for vinyl flooring or laminate?” Well, there are some great positives that pet owners receive by choosing carpets for their Longfield properties. Firstly, there’s the comfort. Dogs, cats and smaller companions spend a lot of time lying on the floor; they’re also always going bare pawed, and are thus more sensitive to surfaces generally. So carpets are exceptionally comfortable for them, and help foster a relaxing environment they can truly call home.

Secondly, there’s the fact that carpets are hard to slip about on. Some cats and dogs are perfectly comfortable on vinyl or laminate, while others live in fear of it! It’s often a case of whether they’ve been brought up around it. Thirdly, if you live in a flat around the Longfield area there may also be the issue of the noise pets can cause while wandering about. The amplification of claws on hard surfaces can be intolerable if floors are fairly thin. Carpets completely circumvent this issue.

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